Our Team

Our master team has many years of experience, we offer to view works of our masters in our gallery and choose favorite tattoo style for You.


Egidijus Perminovas

Master Egidijus is the creator and the lead master of the team. He has gained lots of experience over the years in his favorite – black&grey realistic style. You can easily see his unique style of tattooing in every work. Still, Eddy doesn’t stop improving, as he is still often expressing himself at creating and drawing.


Tomas Vaitkūnas

Master Tomas specializes at black&grey realistic style. His passion is working with extremely small details, also his favorite tattooing subject is womens portraits, but he doesn’t limit himself at it and stays universal.


Tadas Savickas

Master Tadas is very precise at blackwork, dotwork and linework technique tattoos. He expresses his potential by creating mandalas and other types of individual ornamental designs.


Our masters tattoo works gallery.

Tattoo Aftercare

Short tattoo aftercare instructions, all information You’ll get from Your tattoo master.
1. After you go home from the tattoo session wash off the excess of dead skin cells and dried plasma and ink. You can use anti bacterial soap.
2. After washing, pat it dry gently with a clean towel.
3. Apply a THIN layer of BEPANTHEN, BORO PLUS or other aftercare product advised by your tattoo master.
4. Repeat this process few times a day.
During the term of tattoo healing exclude sauna, solarium, hot tub, exercises.
The first two to three weeks try not to exposed the tattoo to direct sunlight.

Laser Removal

If you have a tattoo that doesn’t satisfy you anymore and want to cover it up, there is a possibility, that you will need laser removal procedures. The more procedures you get, the lighter your old tattoo becomes. As a result, you could do almost any kinds of a new work, that you want in the area of your old tattoo. The process of the removal is controlled by our artists, who will consider, when the tattoo is light enough to do something else on top of it.
Before starting full laser procedures, you should visit our studio, where we will consult you about your individual case. Also, we will do a small laser test, to check if there are no negative reactions on the skin. If everything stays normal, you can do a full laser procedure a week after the test. The test and the first consultation is completely free.